About Jack Whitham

I am a software engineer at Rapita Systems, York. I specialise in Ada and C programming for Linux/Windows, and have extensive embedded systems and Linux experience. In the past I have also worked with FPGAs, designed CPU cores, written complex programs in Python/C++ and even written some simple games. You can find most of that on this website. Some projects are also on Github.

In an earlier part of my life, I was on an academic career path, and accumulated a publication record. My PhD is in real-time and embedded systems and comes from the renowned Real-Time Systems group at York: I stayed within this group for several years, working on various research projects. I learned much, but I found that research careers actually offer very few opportunities to do the things I love most, and so I gave this up to work on software development full time.

I live with my wife, Jillian, in Heworth, York with our two dogs, Chewy and Poppy.

If you would like, you can contact me by email at jack@jwhitham.org.