About Jack Whitham

I am a software engineer at Rapita Systems, York. I specialise in Ada and C programming for Linux/Windows, and have extensive embedded systems and Linux experience. In the past I have also worked with FPGAs, designed CPU cores, written complex programs in C++ and Python and even written some simple games. You can find most of that on this website. Some of my projects are also on Github.

I live with my wife, Jilly, in Heworth, York with our two dogs, Chewy and Poppy.

Jack and Jilly Whitham at York 10K 2016

Jilly Whitham is a Weight Watchers coach and holds meetings in (and around) York. We both joined the Weight Watchers programme as members in 2012. It works! Jilly later joined the company as one of their team of weight loss coaches.

If you would like, you can contact me by email at jack@jwhitham.org.