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This page has links to downloadable components related to the VL2 project, including the vlab and vlabif Python modules, vlabifhw and the debugging component, and the mini Linux distribution for the FX12 mini module. All of these components are free software (using the FSF definition of that term). VL2 does have some non-free components which are not distributed.

vlab module

The vlab module implements a client for VL2 services. It is written in Python. It has at least two additional dependences: You can download the vlab module here:

FX12 mini Linux distribution

The FX12 FPGA mini module is used in VL2 as a board server. The FX12 FPGA runs PPC Linux which boots from Flash memory. All of the software is free, with the exception of the VL2 board server program which runs entirely in user space. (This is not included in any of the downloads.)

The software and hardware designs are not specific to VL2. They can be used for any Linux project on the Avnet FX12 mini module (Avnet's site) but they may also work on other types of FPGA, particularly those with the Xilinx tri-mode Ethernet MAC. Here is the source code:

Some binaries are also available for testing purposes (the usual GPL warnings about "no warranty" apply here):


The vlabifhw device provides a way to multiplex many connections to a hardware device within an FPGA, and includes a debugging device for resolving problems. These components are controlled by drivers in the vlabif module. All of these components are independent of VL2; a local serial port can be used in addition to a VL2 connection.

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