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The EMS client is a complete example of a VL2 application, built using wxWidgets in addition to Twisted and the VL2 modules vlabif and vlab. The application communicates via VL2 with a hardware design on a Spartan 3E Starter Kit, a popular FPGA board that can be used for teaching. The hardware design includes vlabifhw and the debug device; this is normally extended by the user.

Two versions of this application exist. The first was written for the 2008 EMS course at York; this was partly rewritten to improve various capabilities for 2009. Following this, the EMS course was replaced with a longer embedded systems course named EDI. For the time being, the virtual lab does not feature in the new course.

The 2009 EMS client is still used for some project work. UoY students and staff can find it on this internal page. The 2008 client is not compatible with the protocols used by the new version and has therefore been withdrawn.


The application and associated hardware have the following features:

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